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Posting Guidelines


The South Park fanworks community on dreamwidth for various types of media and discussion of the show, hopefully inviting all forms of fannish participation.

Accepted content:

    • Fics
    • Fanart
    • RP
    • Podfic
    • Fanmixes
    • Vids
    • Picspams
    • Icons
    • Graphics
    • Primers
    • Recs
    • Challenges
    • Discussion Posts
    • Prompts
    • Intro Posts

Tagging your posts as appropriate:

Right now, members can add their own tags until we're sorted, but please keep to a simple tagging format.
    ie. pairing: stan/kyle, author: username, rating: explicit, etc.

Make sure to put in a subject/title in the header:

For example:
    Fic: "Title of Your Story Here" Pairing (If applicable)

Include ratings and warnings in your posts when applicable:

The AO3 rating system is preferable here, but feel free to use any rating method you're familiar with. Please note "safe for work" or "not safe for work" for visual works.

Posting format for text entries:

Suggested template:

Posting format for all graphics:

One preview image is allowed per post, (or up to 5 icons) with the rest under the cut and/or linked. Images larger than 500 x 300 must be placed behind a cut.


• Leave comments on works you've enjoyed.
• Engage in civil conversation.
• Be excellent to each other. Or else.
• Include at least one character from the show in any work or discussion.
• Give constructive criticism where it seems appropriate.


• Post or link to locked entries!
• Spam the community with ads (each member may post one per week).
• Steal or claim any fanworks as your own.
• Leave rude comments on any works, saying "this sucks" does not count as con-crit.


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